Nothing and no one could make you content. : Meditation

Issues might appear to make you content, like entering into a brand new relationship or getting no matter it’s you suppose will make you content, however these items cannot make you content. They’ve really by no means made anybody completely happy. Nothing could make you content as a result of happiness does not come from the skin, it is inside you. So exterior issues can solely set off the happiness that is already in you however they cannot trigger you to be really completely happy. Happiness is definitely your true nature, it is simply that we have been conditioned to reside up to now and the long run, and to deal with the current second as a way to an finish (which is loopy as a result of life is all the time now). Most of us are all the time making an attempt to get some place else, as an alternative of absolutely being the place we’re. Whereas consuming breakfast we take into consideration lunch, whereas consuming lunch we take into consideration dinner and so forth. All that is executed by the thoughts simply to keep away from the current second as a result of within the current there isn’t a thoughts, which implies dying for the thoughts and dying is it is best concern. In truth, the entire thoughts’s fears are actually simply the concern of dying (ego-death).

The truth that nothing could make you content is definitely excellent news although as a result of it signifies that you do not have to rely on individuals, locations and issues to make you content. Happiness is who you really are, and you’ll solely be your true self within the current second.

I am going to share with you some a quote from a tune I wrote referred to as ‘The whole lot Is Superb’:

I discovered peace in myself, now every part is ok
It might rain, it might storm and every part’s effective.

The above strains are speaking about peace (or happiness) that is not depending on exterior issues. It is all the time there generally within the background and generally within the foreground however it’s all the time current. That is actual peace.

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